To My Son on His Birthday

Dear Sweet Boy,

Today is your first birthday. That means beginning tomorrow you will be closer in age to a two year-old than a newborn. That is craziness. I kept a journal and wrote to you all through my pregnancy, but then you came along and, well, I got kind of busy. You have a baby book, but again things have been a bit busy and it's kind of spotty. I thought this would be a good opportunity to write to you again.

As much as it pains me that you insist on continuing to grow and get older,  I can honestly say I have enjoyed each new stage more than the last. You're now walking and talking (just a little bit of both). You love to bounce and dance to music and adore any kind of musical toy. You clap, point and laugh like crazy, think the dogs are HILARIOUS and have no problem expressing your feelings.

You're such a special guy. You are this perfect mix of independent and cuddly. You love to explore and get into everything, but still like to be held and nurse and snuggle at night. You have the least separation anxiety of any kid I've ever seen. You seem to love and trust everyone. I know I'm biased and am probably reading way too much into your one year-old personality, but I really see these wonderful traits in you like kindness, humor, curiosity and charm that I think will make you an amazing leader one day.

And I almost forgot -- you ADORE your daddy. All I hear all day long is, "dadadadadadada." You light up every time you see him. You two have a very special bond.

I love you more than all the gold in all the world; all the diamonds all the pearls.

Your very devoted, very honored,

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