Homemade Herbal Tea for Mama

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Disclaimer: This post is for educational and informational purposes only and not medical advice.

If you love cooking and eating nourishing foods you will love working with bulk herbal teas! 
Using loose bulk herbs will give you the opportunity to connect with the plant medicine you are working with.  Working with loose bulk herbs will also allow you to stop, slow down, and be more mindful of what you are preparing as you nourish your body.

After the jump you can find an herbal tea recipe you would make from bulk herbs. Please make sure you start with good water (filtered or distilled water) and buy your herbs from a reputable source if you don’t have these in your garden. Mountain Rose herbs (link can be found on my website) is an excellent choice!

Supplies - You can buy some great strainers at Mountain Rose herbs or simply make your tea in a stainless steal kettle with the herbs added, use a fine mesh kitchen strainer to drain. You may also buy your own bulk reusable tea bags (make sure there is no chlorine or other additives in the bags)

Measurement: I use the term ‘part’ to make the recipe easy for you (you can make more or less depending on how much bulk recipe you would like to create) A part can be a teaspoon, a handful,  a cup, or a pound, it is your choice. Just as long as you use the same amount throughout the recipe (for example using teaspoons, 1 part would be 1 teaspoon, ½ part would be half a teaspoon and so on).

Uses: This is a wonderful tea for overall nourishment, and the kids will love it too! It is rich in trace minerals, also great during pregnancy or nursing. If you are nursing be sure and try some fresh spring dandelion leaves in your diet as well.

1 part Nettle leaf
1 part Red Raspberry leaf
1 part Alfalfa leaf
1/2 part Rose Hips
½ part Spearmint (to taste)
½ part Dandelion Root
¼ part (pinch) Hibiscus (add nice tang and beautiful red color)

Suggested Serving: 4 tablespoons of herb per quart of hot water- steep for at least 10 minutes. 1 to 4 cups daily- excellent hot or cold- optional; sweeten with stevia or raw honey (do not give children under 2 honey).

Herbal Tea Benefits: 

Nettle Urtica Dioica - One of the best nutritive herbs. This herb can be used daily. This is a great herb to use to revive yourself if you are feeling drained. Nettles are packed with trace minerals and vitamins.

Dandelion Taraxacum Officinale - Often thought of as just a weed, dandelion is a wonderful mildly bitter herb that has long been used in herbal medicine. Traditionally used as a ‘blood purifier’ in herbal medicine, it aids in filtering waste and impurities from the blood stream. It is also a mild diuretic. Dandelion leaf can be eaten in salads, stir fry, the root roasted can be used as a coffee substitute and the dried root can be added to your tea blends. 
Fresh dandelion spring greens are excellent for boosting milk production in nursing mothers. 

Alfalfa Medicago Sativa - An excellent blood tonic that helps enhance iron levels and a great source of chlorophyll, alfalfa will help to reduce post partum anemia.

Red Raspberry Leaf Rubus - The ultimate pregnancy herb, it tones the uterus and nourishes both mother and baby during pregnancy. Also wonderful to use after birth, it can decrease uterine swelling and minimize post partum hemorrhaging.

Rose Hips Rosa Canina - An excellent source of vitamin C.

Hibiscus Flowers Hibiscus SabdariffaAlso an excellent source of vitamin C, it turns your tea a beautiful red color and has a tart refreshing taste. Hibiscus is cooling to the system and has mild infection fighting properties. 

Spearmint Mentha Spicata - Besides being great tasting, spearmint has many uses -- including soothing tummy troubles.

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Angie Goodloe is a mother of two toddlers and a Master Herbalist.  She holds a certificate of Holistic Nutrition from the American College of Healthcare Sciences. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist in Oregon. She teaches herbalism online at Universal Class and practices both online and in person holistic health consulting. Be sure and visit her blog at authenticmama.com.


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