Baby's First Sugar High

Very Happy Birthday Boy


  1. Oh my gosh that baby is adorable!! thanks for the follow :) following you back!
    Shelly :D

  2. OMG...LOVE it! ok, so doing things like this might make us "bad" moms, but they sure do make ME smile!

  3. Yeah, I struggled with the whole cake thing, but everyone else in my family made me feel like a weirdo about it. They were like, "Yes, the kid gets cake on his birthday." It was his first taste of sugar! (He'd had some muffin here and there if that counts.) My husband's birthday is in a few days and I'll probably let him have a little cake then too! I'm strangely overprotective about food stuff when it comes to kiddo but I'm trying to let go and relax a bit.


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