To Myself on Mother's Day

Dear Me,

Happy Mother's Day! You're definitely one of my favorite moms (at least in the top ten) and I wanted to make sure you knew that I was thinking about you today. If I could guess what you want for Mother's Day it would be... Hmmm... A visit from a housekeeper and a mani/pedi afternoon all to yourself. Good luck.

But I also know you a little deeper than that. You've had a rough week. You're struggling and you need more than just a little alone time and a handmade card. I know you are having a hard time being swallowed up by the stresses and stretches of every day life. I know you constantly worry about money, and whether or not you made the right decision to give up full-time work in order to stay home with kiddo. I know you feel completely incompetent and insufficient in the domestic category. I know your cooking and cleaning skills leave much to be desired. I know your husband works a lot and you are feeling the loneliness and distance that often comes with this season in life. I know you fear every day that your day trips and story times and art activities aren't intellectually stimulating enough for your precocious pre-schooler. I know you want another little one badly, but question if you're capable of trying this all over again. I know sometimes the weight of all of that worry makes it hard for you to do anything.

Here is something else I know about you. You are lucky. Really lucky. You have a sweet husband, healthy son, roof over your head, car in your drive way and a little money in your bank account. All of those things could be gone in a second. You don't remember this enough, but those things aren't a guarantee in life. You don't deserve those things. You aren't entitled to them. You aren't entitled to anything. Everything you have in your life is equal parts hard work, grace and dumb luck.

So if I could give you one gift this Mother's Day it would be a little reminder about gratitude. Be thankful everyday for all that you have. Let this gratitude be a humbling way to keep things in perspective and shine light on all of the wonderful pieces of your life. Maybe that light will help lift some of the weight from your shoulders. I think that would help you a lot. No one told you life would be easy. You just watch too much TV. But your life is blessed and beautiful in so many ways. Pull strength from those blessings when things feel too hard.

Love always,


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