To My Son on His Second Birthday

Dear Sweet Boy,

Today you are 2! It's official, you are not a baby anymore. You are firmly planted in the midst of toddlerhood and will be making the switch to preschooler before I know it.

I can honestly say I enjoy you more and more the older you get. I love how much you communicate now. Last night before you fell asleep you had to sit up to tell me all about everything you saw at the zoo that day with daddy. When you finally give in to my repeated requests that you do something -- put away blocks, put on shoes, etc. -- you accompany the chore with an exasperated, "OK! OK! OK!" You laugh easily. You've recently gotten really into giving hugs and kisses.

You love animals. You give our dogs and cat hugs and kisses all of the time. You still love to sing and dance. Wheels on the Bus is a favorite, but you also really like Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup. (That last bit is painful to admit, but true. I did not teach you this song -- you can thank YaYa and PawPaw for that.) I know music lessons are just around the corner because you drag out the guitar and climb up onto the piano bench every chance you get. You've just now started to enjoy drawing. We will encourage your artistic endeavors as a hobby, but not a career. (You've got daddy's BFA to thank for that.)

In short monkey man, you are an amazing little creature filled with love and joy and promise. This mommy thing is hard, but you have made my life so much richer and happier than I could've ever imagined. You're awesome.

All of my love,

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  1. This is so sweet and perfect. I love these letters. I can't help but imagine how much your boy will enjoy reading this when he's grown.


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