Project Crafty

In January many of my Facebook friends posted statuses (yes, that is the proper plural - I know it looks weird) in which they promised the first five people to comment on their posts a handmade gift from them sometime in 2011. To piggy-back on those crafty facebookers, I've come up with a little 2011 goal of my own I'm calling Project Crafty... because everything sounds more serious when you put "project" in front of it.

I really want to learn how to make stuff -- knit, sew, make soap, candles, anything. I can garden and cook a little, but so far that's the extent of my handy work/homesteading. I really want to do a "Homemade Christmas" in 2011. (Friends and family watch out!) Kiddo will be 23 months and I think it may be my last chance to do something like that before he's old enough to get full-blown Christmas toy fever. I love the idea of having to devote thought, time and talent into a gift instead of just running into a drug store and picking up a hand lotion gift set. Plus, it's pocketbook and environmentally-friendly.

Here's the most problematic part of this plan -- I don't have a creative/artsy/crafty bone in my body. It seems like so many of my friends are able to make handmade gifts for their families. I'm jealous. And is there a mommy blogger (besides me) who ISN'T crafty? All of my favorite natural parenting bloggers have cute Etsy shops and posts filled with how-to's on art projects with preschoolers and handmade pillowcase dresses. I figure if I have a whole year to work on it surely I can manage to knit some scarves, sew a few blankets and make a bar of soap, right?... Right?... Maybe.

A friend from work is teaching me to knit. She swears the basic stitch is all I need to know to make simple scarves and blankets. She thinks I could pretty easily learn to knit hats and baby booties too, but I think that's too much pressure for me! I love cute no-sew projects like knotted fleece throws and mei tai's and woven wraps that just require fabric and scissors. So those are my ideas so far... I'd love some simple craft project suggestions from all you talented mamas out there!


  1. Hi Crunchyish Mama.
    I too have vowed to make more gifts for the holidays this year, and I have a couple of suggestions for you. I'd love it if you'd check out these posts on fun kids DIY's that are next to impossible to mess up! Good luck!



  2. I learned how to knit in college, and yes, the basic knit and purl is all you need to make basic scarves, etc. But there's a cheat trick that makes it easier...get a knifty knitter. It's basically a knitting loom and it's soooo much easier! They come in different sizes and shapes, and they sell them at any craft store.


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