Ford Green Driving Technology Event

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will head to Detroit tomorrow to participate in the Ford World Headquarters Tour, Green Driving Technology Event and North American International Auto Show. I can not wait to get up there and learn more about how Ford is using green materials, sustainability strategies and biotechnology to make more fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

I am especially looking forward to representing the typical American mom. I am not a techy or a car person. I'm into green living and environmental causes, but I don't know that much about the science or technology behind them. This trip will allow me to tell Ford what real moms are looking for in green vehicles.

Here are some things I look for in a vehicle:

  • Room enough to haul baby and baby stuff, but not so much room I feel like I'm driving a boat.
  • Safety, safety, safety. I wanna see air bags popping out of every nook and cranny.
  • Green improvements that save me money on gas and maintenance.
  • Space in the front passenger seat for me and a toddler to take a nursing break while out and about. (Haha. Obviously this one is a joke. Kinda.)
I'll also have the opportunity to participate in a Q & A with some of the designers and engineers at Ford. Let me know what questions you'd like me to ask.

P.S. I'm an awful flyer. Wish me luck! (Or really wish the person in the seat next to me luck.)

*I was invited to participate in this program by Clever Girls Collective, Inc. in partnership with Ford and Ogilvy PR. Ford Motor Company paid for my travel and accommodations at the 2-day Driving Green Technology event, I was not compensated in any other manner for my time.  My opinions posted here are my own.*


  1. how neat! how did you get chosen to go?

    If you're bored in Detroit, you should go to my best friend's bookstore. =)
    It's across from the art museum.

  2. Thanks Liz! I'm part of a group of women bloggers called the Clever Girl Collective and I guess they were approach to find some mommy and/or tech and/or green bloggers to come up to the show.

    I'm excited but super nervous about leaving kiddo for the first time. I knew this day would come!j He'll be with Daddy, but still.

  3. Good luck!

    Following from MBC


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