2011 Wrap-Up

So I thought I was 100% done with this whole blogging thing until I recently noticed that I've been posting these multi-paragraph comments on my friends' Facebook walls. How annoying is that? Apparently I have things I really want to say. I'll spare them (and Zuckerberg). I guess I forgot how much I like to hear myself speak.... or... read myself type?

At first when I started to type this post I thought I'd try to recount my parenting/homemaking/life successes and failures for the year (a crunchy epic win-epic fail kind of thing), but the more I thought about it the more it seemed stupid to call anything in life an epic win or fail. It's all really just a work in progress. Anyway, these are the things I've attempted this year and the status of these.... let's go with "projects."

1) Weight loss -- After a slow start in the Spring I'm proud to report I'm down about 25 lbs since July thanks to the very awesome My Fitness Pal (I mostly use the free app) and my wonderful local YMCA and their kick butt free childcare. I've been slacking since a little before Thanksgiving, but am looking forward to getting back into my workout routine after the first of the year.

2) General craftiness -- I would call this category a total failure if it were not for my new found love of Pinterest. I still can't sew or knit or turn an old wine bottle and a piece of plywood into a stylish end table (like some of my very talented friends), but I can make snow paint (a super cool mixture of equal parts white glue and shaving cream) and turn paint chips and an old frame into a dry erase calendar.

3) Cloth Diapers -- So I really do love cloth diapers, they are super cute, very absorbent and ridiculously addictive. We used cloth exclusively for a solid 6 months. But then I got super busy with work projects and had a difficult time keeping up with the laundry. There are now disposable diapers back in the rotation. However, kiddo seems very interested in potty training now and I'm hoping to use mostly cloth trainers.

Just because he's so good looking


  1. I thought you looked skinny at Thanksgiving! Congrats on the weight loss. You're total motivation.

  2. Um, no part of me can be described as skinny, but I'll take "slightly less fat." Still, thanks for the compliment!


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