10 Things Southern Women Do On Facebook

Inspired by the very funny Things White Girls Do On Facebook and Things Black Girls Do On Facebook let's examine 10 Things Southern Women Do On Facebook... And yes, I've done some of these things...

1) Share wedding pictures of themselves in cowboy boots.

2) Pimp their Mary Kay/Tastefully Simple/Thirty-One website.

3) Post pictures of their sweet, precious double-named baby daughter (Anna Grace/Mary Kate/Lilly Beth) in giant flower headbands.

4) Post pictures of Anna Grace/Mary Kate/Lilly Beth's double-named big brother (Jack David/James Henry/John Mark) in a monogrammed, smocked Jon-Jon

5) Tell their dead grandmas happy birthday ("We lost her in 2001. She would've been 98. RIP Nana Brown.")

6) Let the world know what they've got in their slow cooker. ("My house smells sooooo good! Barbecue chicken in the crock pot!")

7) Post pictures of their latest haul from Publix. ("Can you believe I got 18 cans of cream corn for $1? I love coupons!")

8) Link to pictures of bible verses they found on Pinterest.

9) Declare their love for formulaic romantic comedy. ("Have you seen All About Steve? Best movie ever!)

10) Become a football expert around Labor Day weekend. ("Special teams needs to get their heads in the game and our pass defense could use some work! RTR!")


  1. I am guilty of nearly every single one of these! I do NOT have a double-named child of either sex, though :)

  2. Oh my gosh...I m laughing so hard because all of this is So true!! LOL!

  3. That's so nice! Thanks guys! It was very fun and very easy to come up with these, I just had to check my news feed and they were right there!

  4. Too funny. As a southern transplant I have seen almost all of those comments and possible even done some myself. Love this! Happy New Year. I am a new follower from MBC! Happy New Year!


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