Thoughts on March and April...

There have been so many changes in my little house lately. My husband got a new job that has him away from the house a lot more, so mama's really had to step it up a notch. Plus, kiddo seems to have been sick every other week for the last few months.

Having daddy away so much has really made me have to get organized and stick to a schedule. It's the only way kiddo and I can get anything done. My sweet boy is going through a very clingy phase lately that leaves very little room for basic chores like laundry, dishes and cooking, let alone mama time on the computer.

Things I've Learned the Last Few Months

1) Always trust your instincts. We finally figured out a lot of kiddo's recent illnesses (and easy susceptibility to illness) has to do with acid reflux and a dairy intolerance. This was something I suspected for a while, but never seemed to bring up with the doctor. A change in diet and some medicine seems to have my little guy feeling much better.

2) The second I'm certain about something it changes. This is especially true in parenting, but really applicable to every day life. As sure as I've been my entire life I would never be interested in traditional homemaking, I've now decided canning fruit and baking bread sounds like the coolest thing ever. The moment I think "I'm so glad my son doesn't bite" he chomps down on my arm. The more certain I am in a conviction or principle the more likely someone is to present a new perspective I've somehow never before considered.

3) I'm am the perfect example of the saying, "Jack of all trades, master of none." Somehow I always seem to think I can take on more projects and jobs and every time I find myself over-worked and stressed out. I know why I do this. I have a wide range of interests (politics, arts, religion, parenting, environmental causes, etc.) and I always want to be involved in everything. My heart's in the right place, but too often I find myself stretched too thin. I have to learn to better prioritize and say no -- even to myself. 

4) Be thankful. Last week devastating tornados tore through my state and left thousands homeless and hundreds dead. If the tornado touched down a few miles to the east my family could have easily been affected. The stories of children being pulled from their mother's arms and babies now suffering dehydration because of a lack of clean water are almost too much to take. At my house we are trying to assist in the recovery effort by donating our time and money, but the needs are so great I am afraid months, if not years, of hard work lay ahead of Alabama. To view pictures and read stories about the tragedy go to al.com. To find out how you can help the recovery visit the Alabama Red Cross website. 

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