Worst Week Ever -- And It's Only Wednesday

My sweet boy is very sick. Not life-threateningly sick, but in a lot of pain sick. He has an ear infection that  has been around for several weeks and now he has hand, foot and mouth disease (not an actual disease -- just a virus). He has sores all over his mouth and hasn't been able to eat, drink or sleep much in days. It even hurts too much for him to really nurse. I feel so sorry for him. I have a million things I need to do, but all else fades away when my little monkey is feeling bad. The worse thing is that there's absolutely nothing that can be done about the HFM -- I can only hold him and let him cry and tell him mama loves him. It's really heartbreaking at my house lately. I'm hoping it only lasts a few more days :-(


  1. So sorry Emily! Hope Cash feels better!
    ... and also, it's Tuesday, not Wednesday .... sorry.

  2. Ha! I did actually know that. I meant to schedule this for tomorrow, but kiddo woke up and I went ahead and hit post!

  3. Well now it's Thursday and I have yet to keep track of what day of the week it is. I hope by now he's feeling a bit better and getting back to normal life.

  4. Oh, it's hard for mamas to keep track of days sometimes! Thanks! He was 90% better by Friday! This was a rough one.


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