Why now?

I've had some people ask me why I started this blog now. A large part of it is because I think I'm fascinating and love to hear what I have to say. I have very healthy self-esteem like that. But honestly, it's because the vast majority of my girlfriends and several of my family members are pregnant with their first babies and I find myself sending them long emails filled with unsolicited advice about breastfeeding, baby gadgets, discount baby gear, postpartum care, the whole nine yards. It must be wicked obnoxious. This blog is my gift to them -- so I will leave their inboxes alone and let them enjoy the rest of their pregnancies. You're welcome.


  1. Why not?! I can't wait to read your opinions and such.

  2. Thanks, Christina! I just wish some of your super cool craftiness from your awesome blog would rub off on me!


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